I started taking vitamin D, off and on, in my 30’s. I started taking vitamin D because I didn’t drink milk and had read somewhere that vitamin D would help my body absorb the calcium and help prevent osteoporosis. Then as time went on, I learned that living in a northern part of the world and using sun screen in the summer caused vitamin D deficiency so I started being a little more consistent with my dosage.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with eczema. It was around February and my skin itched terribly. I would scratch until I bled. Scratching became such a normal activity I didn’t even know I was scratching myself until I felt the blood drip down my leg or arm. After seeing a dermatologist I was put on methotrexate, steroid cream, and zoloft. The methotrexate was for the inflammation, and so was the steroid cream that came in 1 lb containers.The zoloft was for the anxiety I felt from itching all the time and rash all over my body. My first indication that vitamin D could help with my eczema happened that spring. As the weather warmed up and I was outside more my skin began to clear up a little. I wasn’t sure why but I was sure happy about it and took that as a sign I could get off the methotrexate. At this time I didn’t know that eczema was an autoimmune condition, I just knew that if you had allergies and asthma, which I had, you typically developed eczema.

About 2 years ago I learned that vitamin D can help with seasonal depression and when you live in Wisconsin that can almost be a given. At that time I was taking about 1000 IUs a day but not every day. About that same time I was visiting a friend who suffered from depression. My friend’s doctor had him taking 10,000 IUs of vitamin D to help with some of the depression symptoms.. It was after that visit that I started taking one pill in the morning and one at night equalling 2000 IUs. When I started taking 2000 IU a day my eczema symptoms improved so much that I could quit using the steroid cream. Again, I didn’t make the connection of the vitamin d to the eczema.

Finally, in February of 2014, when I started doing all my research on autoimmune diseases, I started coming across articles about vitamin D being beneficial for the immune system. That’s when I started taking 5000 IUs every morning and I get about 1000 IUs more from the fermented cod liver oil I take every day. After increasing my dose I also was able to eliminate the zoloft. Though this is also the time I went AIP so there is not a direct correlation between increasing my vitamin D and being able to eliminate the zoloft. I’m sure the other changes I was making contributed to helping with my anxiety as well.

Benefits of taking vitamin D:

  • Strong bones
  • regulates your immune system
  • fights depression
  • help fight infections including influenza
  • reduces hypertension
  • increases heart health
  • inhibits cancer cell growth
  • increases insulin production
  • may help with fibromyalgia pain

It’s been over a year now that I have been taking 5000+ IUs of vitamin D daily. Since then I have not had a cold, or the flu and I work in a school where students seem to be sick from October to May. It has been 3 years since I have gotten a flu shot. I have a family history of high blood pressure and at my last check up my blood pressure was 110/68.



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