I am very disappointed in myself. A few bad days and I almost gave up. I really don’t want to do a fit by 60 blog. It is just so hard to figure out what will really work for me. I’ve tried enough things in my life when it comes to dieting to know that the only thing that will really work is changing my food habits and exercise. I really do like myfitnesspal so I have to keep coming back and using it. While I wait for my knee to heal I still need to walk the dogs (or they are naughty) and I’m going to get serious about yoga-for so many reasons beyond getting fit.

I did warn you, I’m just a person. A person on a journey to get fit, complete with pit stops and pit falls. I thinks I have crawled out of this pit, very beat up but…

So don’t be disappointed in Saturday’s pictures, they will be the same as always.




Dinner-I forgot to take a picture but it was yummy.

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