Whole30- No coffee?

Time is going really fast for our Whole30! I can’t believe we are almost halfway.

I’m going to be honest, this has been pretty easy for me.  I’ve had to give up some of my sugary snacks, like dark chocolate bars, but I”ve done enough partial sugar detoxes so even this was easy for me.

Now on to coffee, I thought this would be really hard for me, I love coffee, but no, it actually was pretty easy to substitute tea for coffee in the morning. I think the hardest thing for me to give up was wine, and I only drank that occasionally so it wasn’t like it was something I missed daily. But I missed the culture of wine. I love having a glass when I’m cooking or reading certain books. Kombucha is an okay substitute but it is still lacking.

So really the only additional things I gave up were coffee, added sugar and wine.

On to Lucas. He is doing wonderful! I can tell he’s a little frustrated with his limited food choices and a complaint I heard lately is the lack of convenience to the diet. But it’s day 13 and he has had no slip ups, more than I could have done at 23. He’s reading labels and hanging out with his friends without drinking, again something I could have never done at 23. He is feeling great and enjoying most of the food I’m preparing. We’ve had a few disappointment like the balsamic brussel sprouts and sweet potato recipe and the very expensive halibut (I’m good at reading labels but I didn’t think to check the price, 18.99 for 10 oz–OUCH). I know he is looking forward to the end so that he doesn’t have to think about his food quite so much and to enjoy some of the convenience foods he misses. He said he will not be so strict after the 30 days but does like how he feels.

I was hoping this would be a little harder so I’d have more to write about but I”m sorry to say it’s been easy for me and pretty easy for Lucas. I did really want a cup of coffee this morning, I like tea but there is nothing as good and a strong cup of coffee in the morning,  but after I ate breakfast and started on my day I sort of forgot about it.

The biggest challenge for me is the meal planning. Lucas and I have always done our own thing for breakfast and without bacon I’ve reverted back to my breakfast soup, ground liver, beef and pork with bone broth and greens, Lucas does eggs and veggies but is interested in trying my soup. I was making tuna salad from Mickey Trescott’s cook book and that lasted about 3 days and her big market salad that would last 3-4 days. One day it would be left overs  and one day every person for themselves. But dinners, dinners are hard. I wanted to cook things that Lucas would really like even if it wasn’t AIP, to keep him motivated. I have the Whole30 cookbook and Well Fed 1 and 2. I picked big meals the first week like Lemon Chicken with Capers and Chives (Sugar Detox) so we ate chicken for 2 days and shepard’s pie ( I just played around with meat, carrots, onion and celery with a white sweet potato and parsnip crust). Even with the lunches it seemed like we were eating the same thing every day.

Now Jacob is home for the next two weeks, he still eats dairy and grains. Way to challenge my  planning skills!

This week I have turnip soup,I tweaked it so i could eat it,  grilled burgers with plantain buns and coleslaw (Memorial day), Fish sticks with sweet potato tater tots, chicken stir fry and cauliflower rice and AIP meat loaf with some veggie. So as far as dinners go not much will change but I did have to buy milk and cereal.


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Lucas, my oldest, turns 23 tomorrow and one of his goals for his next year of life is to become healthier. Not that he is an unhealthy person but he sees some room for improvement. Over the last year we have talked “diet” many times. We have skimmed the BulletProof Diet, done variations of sugar detoxes and he understands why I eat the way I do but none of those “diets” seem to appeal to him in a sustainable way. Enter Whole30,  I don’t know what is different about Whole30 but something clicked and he’s ready dive in. I have decided to do it with him for support and easier meal preparation.

I do feel bad for Lucas, because I currently follow AIP the transition into whole30 will be minimal for me.I have done some reintroductions, like drinking wine and eating some chocolates but I won’t have to give up large chunks of food like grains or processed foods. Lucas is fortunate that he eats very little dairy and no legumes.. Though he does eat a lot of sugar and he still heads over the the gas station across the street and gets a frozen pizza and cider. I’m afraid his transition will be much rockier than mine.

Even though you can have coffee on Whole30 we have both decided to give it up for these 30 days, Lucas because he feels he drinks too much and me because I want to know if it makes a difference in how I feel.

Meal planning will be a little bit of a challenge. I will continue to eat AIP but Lucas will have a larger variety of foods to choose from. Breakfast and lunch will be easy,  Lucas can eat eggs so breakfast for him will be pretty much the same. The only difference is we won’t be eating bacon, the bacon we buy contains sugar and I’m not going to splurge for the sugar free bacon. I’ll be eating my liver patties or salmon salad. I’m also making up a big green salad and a tuna salad for our lunches. It’s our dinners that  are going to be our tough spot. One of the things I think appealed to Lucas is this is not as restrictive as some menus. He will be picking out some meals that are not AIP compliant and I’ll be trying my best to cook so we can both eat within our parameters.  I will admit I’m feeling under prepared this first week.


Have you ever done Whole30 or Whole30 AIP?