I Found My Magic Pill!

I’ve been s-l-o-w-l-y loosing weight and inches.

A lot of factors have fallen into this Magic Pill with the biggest one being consistency. So what I have been doing is trying to eat clean, making choices about my food not based on calories, or fat but on how processed it is. I’ve been making sure if I buy any produce that if it falls in the dirty dozen it’s organic. I stay away from processed foods, if possible. I bake my own bread (super good, super easy 100% whole wheat) Yes it has sugar in it but…I make my own peanut butter and eat a salad every day.

I do yoga at least 5 days a week complete with meditation (only 8 minutes worth but I swear by it)

And lastly I walk my dogs 2 miles everyday. They love it! It’s a hilly route so I get a good work out.

I’ve lost 4 lbs and 3 inches. Like I said it’s slow, but it’s happening.

The best thing is I’m not stressed about it. I love yoga and walking and I don’t worry about what I eat.

Major Setbacks

I’m not sure what happened, all of the sudden I lost it! I quit running (ok I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus but…) I quit recording my food, I started eating with out consequence, the result–I gained a pound and feel like crap. Thank goodness a friend on MyFitnessPal messaged me inquiring where I was. Well I’m back! And I have a new tool!

The following links are actual pictures of what I ate thanks to Evernote Food. Hopefully this will make me  make mindful choices. Sure if you follow me on MyFitnessPal (trynde) you can read what I ate but I’m a visual person, when I see it it really impactes me.

So I guess if you really are following me check back at the end of the day to see all of what I’ve eaten. That may be all that is in the post so I’ll try to make them nice to look at.  😛


AM Snack


PM Snack