Traveling With Autoimmune

This week I had to travel to Iowa for an unfortunate event, my uncle’s funeral. The drive was long and it required me to stay overnight. We have all gone on road trips and we all know that gas stations and fast food restaurants are not going to have clean food to eat. Traveling can seem to become more difficult when you are following the autoimmune protocol (AIP). If you are going to travel and you follow AIP the main thing you have to do is plan. I was going to be gone for about 4 meals and since I was traveling with my parents and siblings I thought I should bring a snack or two so I would not feel left out when they pulled out their road trip snacks. I had a few days to plan and prepare the food I chose to bring. I picked things that were easy to make and easy to store.

My menu was as followed:

Lunch: liver turkey burger on a plantain tortilla with a salad
dinner: plantain pizza
snack: plantain chips and kombucha
breakfast: avocado and liver turkey burger
lunch: tuna salad on a plantain tortilla andsalad
snack: plantain chips and kombucha

Do you see the theme? Yup, plantains. They are easy to cook with, filling, and cheap, since plantains are one of the fruits I don’t buy organic.Yes it was a little high on the carb side but carbs are a comfort food for me and I know I was going to need it.

Plantain Cooking After the planning you have to do the preparing and yes that does take some time but when you know that what you are making is from whole food that will nourish your body and not fill it with chemicals and toxins the time is well spent. I always have burgers made up in the freezer and kombucha in the fridge so it was preparing the plantains. Plantain tortillas take 10 minutes to mix up (I just throw everything in my blender) and 30 minutes to cook. While the tortillas were cooking I fried up the plantain chips. The trick I found for keeping them crispy is to make sure you are using the greenest plantains you can and to throw them on the dehydrator overnight. The most labor intense was the tuna salad and the pizza . I went out to my parents to make the tuna salad with my mom. Once we figured out how to put her food processor together the rest went smooth. There is a little prep work to the tuna salad, we had to make coconut cream in order to make the garlic mayo that is the dressing for the tuna. Cooking with my mom is always fun and her kitchen is much bigger than mine so things just seem to go more smoothly. when it came time to make the pizza the most time-consuming part was, like I mentioned in my last post, making the no’mato sauce. All of the food traveled well and plantain chips were a hit The food I brought kept me satisfied for most of the trip, it was the visit to the micro brewery for dinner that was my undoing but more on that next time. 

Plantain Chips

Plantain Chips


  • 1 green plantains
  • 4-5 Tablespoons of coconut oil (or enough to form a thin layer covering the bottom of frying pan)
  • sea salt to taste


  • Slice your plantain into 1/4 or less inch slices
  • Heat oil in frying pan
  • Add plantain slices and fry 2-4 minutes on each side (I find 2 minutes work best for me)
  • Remove from the pan and lay on a paper towel
  • sprinkle with sea salt
  • I then dehydrate mine for 6-12 hours, until very crisp
  • Store in an airtight bag for up to 2 days

“How can you do that?” and “How do you find the time?”

These are the two questions I get asked the most when someone finds out I follow the autoimmune paleo lifestyle. I guess for me both answers are pretty easy. I can do it because I’ve done the research and I can’t imagine eating like I did a year ago. The thought of putting GMO, processed food into my body just makes me cringe. Do I miss it? No! I really don’t. I have found other favorite foods to replace all my old ones. Maybe because I’m full right now ( just had one of my favorite snacks of plantain chips and guacamole) but I can’t think of anything I truly miss, maybe chocolate but not that much. I have had so much fun trying all these other dishes that have such rich flavors that I feel satisfied. I think that because I know exactly what I’m putting in my body and am learning how it works with my body that I’m more satisfied than eating a bag of corn chips with fake cheese in a jar. ( I use to eat a whole jar and most of a bag of chips in one sitting)

How do I find the time? I lucked out, cooking and living this way has become a passion for me. So what if I have to make my toothpaste before I can brush my teeth. Dinner takes longer and I dirty more dishes but I find it relaxing and fun. Part of this life style is to have more fun. And a lot of things don’t take as long as they sound. Bone broth? 10 minutes to get it in the crock pot and maybe 30 minutes when it’s done to get into jars. Sauerkraut 20 minutes tops, kombucha, again 20 minutes.

The hardest thing for me is the amount of money I spend on groceries. I’m slowly learning to cook less expensive meats like ground turkey and canned tuna. I only buy the dirty dozen organic and I try not to snack so much. (I don’t snack because I’m hungry but because it is an old habit.) It’s also hard to have food around that my boys will snack on. Kids love to be able to just grab something and eat it. They are getting use to grabbing carrots or apples but I know they wish there were chips and pop around.

The biggest reason I can do this and find the time to do it is because I am healing. My eyes are getting better, though slightly, they are getting better. I am not always perfect, like today when I had a bar that did have nuts in it or there are days I just eat too much. I don’t get outside enough and I need to reduce my stress, a lot!! Every week I do feel stronger, more organized and like I’m getting closer to the finish line. Not that when I get there I will eat non paleo but when I get there I won’t have to think so much about what is and what is not; Paleo will be normal.