Moving On

It has been awhile since I have done a blog post, not because I didn’t have great ideas but because I really didn’t want to take the time to sit down at my computer and write. I recently was nominated for the Kohls Fellowship which required me to write 6 small essays and then I had to write a small article for a local newspaper so both this blog and my library blog were neglected.

Despite the neglect I have been reading and trying new things. A quick recap: no poo I did it for a while, successfully, until I went to get my hair cut. I was shocked at the amount of grey I had! I had been using Avadea clove shampoo and it helped cover my grey so after seeing my grey I went back to using shampoo. I’m on break from work so I went no poo again, even more successfully. To combat  the grey issues I found some articles on adding clove to oil or making a black tea, clove rinse that I’m going to try before I go back to school. I love being no poo, I just don’t love the grey.

My Paleo-ness; it’s going ok. the big problem for me is sugar. It’s like when I lost the grain carbs my body replaced it with sugar. I was doing really well on feeling great but as sugar became more predominate in my diet I started gaining weight and feeling like crap. So I bought  Diane Sanfilippo book The 21-Day Sugar Detox. I had read mixed reviews on her book and am glad I bought the 9.99 kindle version and not the print for 20.97. The information is very good and it is well written but I knew most of what she was talking about. The main reason I purchased the book was for the support. She has some recipes I can’t wait to try and I like the different levels of detox she lets you  pick from and the day-to-day what you might be feeling. In preparation I’ve been really paying attention to how much sugar I eat. Even when I try not to eat sugar I give in. My official start date is January 1st so I’ve been pulling out excuses. I will report on my progress, maybe not everyday but frequently.

I have been cooking a lot! I wish I had a bigger kitchen. I’ve made 2 batches of bone broth the last couple of days, beef and chicken. I also have been making my own stuff. I’ve read enough recipes in my life to have an idea of what goes together and it’s fun. No major flops, yet. My chicken soup was eh, a little watery but the chicken pot pie, or maybe it was a Shepard’s pie, I made today was wonderful. I haven’t made things enough times to post my own recipes but that will be coming eventually. I will start putting some pictures of finished products on instagram, trynde.

Well that’s my update, I will be writing more often this coming year.

A Week Down

To be honest I’m not sure when I truly started. I took my first set of pictures on a Saturday and started MyFitnessPal on that Monday, either day I’m very disappointed. I thought the first week I would lose like 3-4 pounds, just the shock of eating less and working out more would freak my body out and I’d be on my way. Well… it didn’t work out the way, I weight the same.  I did drop a pound and gained it back. Why????  I’ve been more active this week than the whole month of May. I’ve been eating purposely, paying attention to calories avoiding food that tempts me. This is where my motivation wants to get up and leave.

Okay, okay, I hear ya!! You have gained muscle and muscle weights more than fat, maybe, maybe, I’m just destine to weight 140 lbs from this point on, ever think of that? Well to prove me or you right I did add taking my measurements yesterday, and that was painful.

As much as I want to give up and go eat four of the delicious rhubarb muffins I made last night I will carry on and look at the one positive  ? I got from tracking my food. I realized I don’t eat very much protein and I eat a lot of carbohydrates. I need to look up what a healthy balance is for my age, gender, weight. If you have a good resource, let me know