Just When You Think You Have Things Under Control…

It’s taken me much longer to get into the groove of the new school year than normal and I’m still  working on it. Unfortunately it has not been a smooth transition when it comes to my eating habits. I have been mostly AIP since Feb of 2014 and have seen many great changes from no more allergies to clearer skin to a much more positive attitude about things, most of the time; all good things. This fall I was starting to feel so good that as my job became more demanding I started feeling like I could take some shortcuts with my food and maybe not be so meticulous about what I eat. I was painfully wrong.

 What I think is so funny is that a year ago if I had been writing about not doing so well with my health I would have talked about having pizza and  ice cream, maybe some beer, I do miss a good beer,  but now when I say I strayed from AIP I still did not stray from Paleo. What I did was start to reintroducing all sorts of food without any rhyme or reason. It started out with making an egg dish for my boys. It was some egg muffins and they looked so good that I had to eat one, or two or four… then I bought sunflower seed butter and started eating it on celery,not just a teaspoon but multiple tablespoons. I would have 2 or 3  glasses a wine instead of one and I made a chicken recipe that called for red pepper flakes, my boys love spicy food so, yup, I added them to the whole recipe not just the part my boys would eat. and this is a dish I make a lot. So now I’m having all sorts of reactions; swollen fingers, itchy patches on my skin and red blotches on my face.I have major  patches of eczema on my neck, my sleep has been off and daily I’m having gut issues. I feel awful! I also have been eating out more and I know no matter how clean, or AIP compliant I try and eat, if I eat in a restaurant there is going to be exposure to things I’m sensitive too. The places I’ve been eating don’t even offer gluten free options.

 Today I hit my low point, I’ve been dealing with a candida overgrowth, or so I think, for about 4 weeks now. It has left me feeling  anxious, tired and unproductive. I’m wondering if it has irritated my eczema? I’m sure it is the result of introducing foods too quickly and being lax on foods I know I can only eat once and a while, my maybe foods.I have been stressed at work and at home and I have been sleeping less as I try to cram more things into my day. I have tried many natural remedies to take care of the candida that I’ve found on the internet; either I’m not patient enough or they are just not working for me. Today I felt so terrible I had to take the day off of work and I made an appointment with my regular doctor. This makes me feel terrible and sort of like a fraud on one hand and like “I’m smart enough to know when I can’t fix it myself” on the other hand. This is a tough place to be in emotionally. But it has given me the motivation to get back to where I was 2 months ago. I felt great, I looked great, I slept great and was getting stuff done!

It’s been a tough 2 months as I felt myself sliding down and let the old “I”ll get serious about this tomorrow” self resurface. But as I reflect on things I know I have learned a lot and feel so “shitty” (sorry there is just no other word for it!) that if I start to feel the slid again someday I know I need to not put off fixing it until tomorrow, I need to fix it today. Putting the extra effort in to feeling great is worth not feeling like this!

Who Knew This Would Be So Hard!!!

I am very disappointed in myself. A few bad days and I almost gave up. I really don’t want to do a fit by 60 blog. It is just so hard to figure out what will really work for me. I’ve tried enough things in my life when it comes to dieting to know that the only thing that will really work is changing my food habits and exercise. I really do like myfitnesspal so I have to keep coming back and using it. While I wait for my knee to heal I still need to walk the dogs (or they are naughty) and I’m going to get serious about yoga-for so many reasons beyond getting fit.

I did warn you, I’m just a person. A person on a journey to get fit, complete with pit stops and pit falls. I thinks I have crawled out of this pit, very beat up but…

So don’t be disappointed in Saturday’s pictures, they will be the same as always.




Dinner-I forgot to take a picture but it was yummy.

Major Setbacks

I’m not sure what happened, all of the sudden I lost it! I quit running (ok I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus but…) I quit recording my food, I started eating with out consequence, the result–I gained a pound and feel like crap. Thank goodness a friend on MyFitnessPal messaged me inquiring where I was. Well I’m back! And I have a new tool!

The following links are actual pictures of what I ate thanks to Evernote Food. Hopefully this will make me  make mindful choices. Sure if you follow me on MyFitnessPal (trynde) you can read what I ate but I’m a visual person, when I see it it really impactes me.

So I guess if you really are following me check back at the end of the day to see all of what I’ve eaten. That may be all that is in the post so I’ll try to make them nice to look at.  😛


AM Snack


PM Snack


WoW!! Disappointing Day 700 calories over my target even with a walk!

I knew today would be hard, it’s a rest day in my training so the amount of calories burned would be few. I started the day tough, smaller breakfast, filling lunch and then it was off to a class where they put chocolate on the table. I had a peice and told myself “I can be good, no more.” then I had another piece and thought “yuck, that didn’t even taste good.” I was doing well until my friend asked me to hand her a piece, so I had another. Well there were 4 different kinds so what the hell I had to have my 4th piece (200 calories that if I had stayed home I would not have had)

My next hurtle was my son was home visiting and when I went to drive him home he asked if we could stop at Subway. Come on, Jared lost weight eating Subway and is now worth 18 million, how bad could it be? (510 calories) Being strong in those two incidences  alone would have kept me in my range.

My big problem today was that I did not record food as I went along so I had no idea how many calories I had until I add it to MyFitnessPal this evening and  it was a good eye opener. I really need to look at calories before I eat and then determine if I can eat them.

My strategy for tomorrow at class? Don’t laugh but I’m taking a measured out bag of prunes (I love prunes and they are sweet) that way when I’m tempted by the candy I’ll pop a prune instead.