It’s hard to believe that summer break is over, if  it could be called aSunflower summer break. Since being diagnosed with a corn sensitivity,  I feel like it’s taken most of the summer to turn back 180° and recover some normal back in my life, if there is such a thing as normal. Along with trying to find products I can use sans corn, I also had a full plate of activities and projects I needed to accomplish. The most important being planning and holding my youngest son’s graduation party. I also spent my time subbing for summer school and working my part time job at the organic grocery store in town, I haven’t had much down time. I have to admit, part of me is looking forward to a more rigid schedule the school year brings, but a bigger part is mourning the loss of light, warmth and having a day off once and a while.  

My son’s graduation party was in the middle of July so the first part of the summer I was very focused on getting the yard presentable. One of my bigger projects was getting a makeshift rabbit fence around my now fairly large garden. I got a late start on my garden but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Had I been able to plant all of the things I wanted I’m not sure I would have been able to maintain my garden as well as I did. This focus on the yard and successful graduation party was to my advantage. Working two part-time jobs required me to schedules all my projects like appointments. Previous summers, I’d do a few weeks of teaching summer school and then procrastinate the rest of the summer, panicking in August because I hadn’t gotten my projects done; having a goal of a party mid-July kept me motivated.

I also started running again. Not real consistent but consistent enough (Thanks Mr K for motivating me). I feel some improvement in my cardio and I actually enjoy running again. It’s still easy for me to find excuses not to run but I’m more consistent that I have been. I’m hoping that just because school starts I don’t let it slide, though I feel it slipping away already.

I’ve been taking the supplements that were suggested to me by Dr. Anderson and I do feel better. I still  have the bags under my eyes and the inflammation throughout my body. Earlier in the summer I felt like my inflammation was calming down despite being a little lax on my eating but now everything has caught up to me and I feel like I took some steps backwards. I know my sugar intake is up and because of my varied work schedule I have not been able to consistently plan menus and shop for food. When there is little to eat in the house it’s easy to make poor choices or eat something you shouldn’t. Yes, I work at the store I shop at but after six hours of “Paper or plastic?” the last thing I want to do is spend another half hour shopping.

Where my food sensitivity testing helped to identify the corn sensitivity and a few other sensitivities it also gave me a good excuse to eat some things that I wasn’t, like nightshades. I don’t know if reintroducing night shades has slowed my progress or not, like I mentioned early, I have upped my sugar intake. I have quit eating tomatoes and peppers again and I may have to do another 21 Day Sugar Detox once I’m settled in my fall routine. I do feel good about myself, despite the self-inflicted setback of eating sugar and nightshades, and to me that is the best progress.

Despite my busy summer schedule, my stress level has gone down and my adherence to routines has gone up (thus being able to carve out time to blog again). I also attribute this to doing yoga and meditating at least 4 times a week. I can really feel the difference; mornings I fit this in result in a more calm and productive day. I’m going to give a shout out to Hal Elrod here, after I read his book The Miracle Morning I really started to embrace the practice of yoga and meditation. I remind myself that, to me, these two activities are as important as sleeping. Think of how less productive I’d be if I only slept an average of 4 days a week!

I’m curious to see what happens when I go back to work full time, work part time, blog, and maintain the house. I’ve created some great time management spreadsheet, now I just have to put them into use.

I feel like this summer I’ve been able to put myself in second gear and hoping that this fall I get to shift into third gear and hopefully soon set the cruise.

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