I first heard Dr. Wahls talk about her book on The Bulletproof Executive’s podcast and I was intrigued. Then while doing some research I came across Dr. Wahl’s TED talk from 2011. I took the 18 minutes to watch it  and knew I needed to learn more; so I bought the book and was glad I did.

Once I started reading, I devoured the book. Dr. Wahls presented her material in a way that felt like I was there in her office, personally receiving her advice. Her own story was inspiring, she was able, through food and lifestyle changes, to get her life back from progressive MS.

Her book is divided into 3 parts. In the first section, Before You Get Started, she explains how autoimmune diseases affects your body, the difference between conventional medicine and functional medicine, and some tips on getting focused before you jump into her protocol. Her style of presenting information is in-depth and understandable. Science is not my thing and I have never taken a biology class,  yet I had no problem understanding and picturing the scientific processes that happen in our body when we have an autoimmune disease.

One of her suggestions is to keep a journal of how you feel so you can look back and see your progress.This is one of the tips I picked up. I can see how this is going to benefit me. I feel like something is missing in how I’m treating my autoimmune disease and keeping a journal will help me look for patterns and document any changes I see.

Her second section, Eating for your Cellular Health, is a detailed description of her diet. The basic principal of her diet is to eat more greens, like kale and spinach, more sulfur vegetables, like cauliflower and radishes, and more color, like berries and carrots. She has taken what she knows about food and created 3 levels of diet protocol , the Wahls protocol, the Wahls Paleo and the Wahls Plus. Each level is more restrictive and she gives detailed explanations as to why. I like how she focuses more on what you should eat than what you shouldn’t.  After reading all 3 levels of her diet I’m doing a hybrid of the third level, Wahls Protocol Plus and the autoimmune protocol I am following. I’m still eliminating all the foods you would on  AIP and  I’m making sure I’m getting the foods Dr Wahls suggests in similar  proportions to the Wahls Protocol Plus.

The last section of her book, Going Beyond Food, addresses lifestyle. Lifestyle changes are a big part of any healing diet. Dr. Wahls shares important information on toxins, sleep, exercise, supplements and stress. Personally, I know that stress is something I have to work on and after reading her book I am adding exercise and meditation to my daily routines. I have been trying hard to add the greens, sulfur, and color vegetables and fruits into my diet for the last week and already I have noticed a higher energy level and crazily enough, stronger fingernails.

I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone with an autoimmune disease. Dr Wahls story and the stories of the her clients, the Wahls Warriors, are motivating and left me with a sense of hope.

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