I was sorting old blog post looking for inspiration to get started writing again and I came across the beginning of a piece I started almost two years ago.

It’s been a little over a month since  I received my allergy test results and have been avoiding corn. I’d like to say the results have been amazing, but that’s so not true. I have to admit that as sad as I was to find out I had to avoid corn I was also happy because I felt I was going to have some dramatic healing taking place. I thought within a week or two I would notice a major difference in how I felt and looked. But to be honest I really feel no different, like not at all. My sleep has deteriorated, I’m, I’ll just say it, constipated and continues to feel overwhelmed and stressed. I can almost say I feel worse, not better. I’m so disappointed. There are days I don’t feel like eating because I’m afraid to put things into my body. I feel very stuck. I feel very frustrated, I feel like my body has duped me. Like whatever I think is the problem and start working on that my body goes “Nope, nice try.” It sucks and I just want to quit. I hate this !! I hate this I hate this. Why can’t I just be normal

When you are first diagnosed with a food sensitivity or allergy it can be very frustrating. There are days where you feel overwhelmed! There are days where you don’t feel normal and wonder how you can be a part of things without standing out. There were many days where I felt like people thought I must be crazy and was making it up to get attention. I’d bring my own food to events or sometimes just not eat. I would ask a million questions of my hosts and read as many labels as I had access to. Corn, like sugar, has a lot of different names so if I was unsure I wouldn’t eat it. I had many days where I felt like what I described in the blog post I started two years ago. I wanted to give up, I wanted to eat “normal”. But I didn’t give up. Every now and then I would try eating “normal” and then I’d pay the price. The worst temptation for me was when one of my boys brought home pizza and I’d break and have a piece or even a half of piece and the next few days would be awful. I’d have stomach issues, brain fog and feel anxious. I get it! Giving up what you love and creating a new lifestyle is hard, but trust me, it’s worth it.

The biggest thing I did over these last two years to help me deal with the stress of having food sensitivities was to continue to educate myself. I found it hard to believe that a small amount of a food I was sensitive to could make me feel so awful. I wanted to understand why. It’s hard to determine how I developed my sensitivities. I read that wood tick bites can cause meat sensitivities (good thing I’m not a fan of turkey, I have no intention of reintroducing it). Having a lack of enzymes on your stomach can cause problems with digestion or you can react to chemicals in the food. The more I read and researched about food and how it affects us, both positively and negatively I began to accept my situation. Through all my reading I came across different foods and recipes. I expanded my food repertoire. I learned new cooking methods and having to cook almost everything from scratch I began to start to understand what tastes good together. I began to enjoy the challenge of cooking food that nourished my body.

This wasn’t something that happened overnight, The acceptance of living with food sensitivities just slowly evolved. The people I interact with the most just accept that I eat differently and no longer do I feel like I stand out. I learned to accept my situation so I no longer feel uncomfortable not eating when I go places. This sounds a little judgy but now instead of feeling sorry for myself when I go places where there is a lot of food that is processed I feel sorry for the unsuspecting guest that are eating it.(Shh, don’t tell anyone I think that)

So if you are diagnosed with food sensitivity or allergy, as overwhelming as it is now, understand that it will get better. The more you educate yourself on how food affects you and find resources to help you prepare food that is tasty, pretty soon you’ll have the best-tasting food in the room and instead of people saying to you “Don’t you miss eating real food?” (as they walk by with a plate of processed food and super sugary treats) they will be asking you for the recipe for that amazing nutrient dense dish that smells amazing!







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