For the next couple of weeks I’m going to share with you what supplements I take and why. I’m not in the medical profession so these are not recommendations, I’m just sharing information with you about what I take and I’m doing this for a pretty selfish reason. People sometimes ask me what supplements I take and why, I can always answer the what but not the why.That’s because typically when I read a book or article about nutrition if there is information that I can use and it makes sense to me I will implement it, but then as I go on and read information on different things I often forget why I started taking the supplement. I believe that my lifestyle is making a big difference in my health but don’t feel that I am doing a good job of advocating for it if i can’t explain a little bit of the why. So I’m explaining the why to myself and sharing with you; similar to the wheat incident.

 Over the past year I’ve settled on five supplements that I regularly take: fermented cod liver oil, vitamin D, vitamin C, B Complex 100, and magnesium. I have landed on these five because they are either recommended by every book I read or I notice a difference if I don’t take them. I’m going to start with fermented cod liver oil.

 I’m not sure where I first heard about fermented cod liver oil: it was either in Chris Kresser book, Your Personal Paleo Code
or on the Balance Bits podcast. In November of 2013 I was diagnosed with blepharitis, a condition where the oil glands in my eyelids become clogged so no oil gets on my eyelids and that causes chronic dry eye. I would wake up every morning with my eyes crusted shut. The opthamologist I see suggested I take fish oil capsules. So I took them for about 3 months and had no change in my eyes. During that time is when I started hearing about fermented cod liver oil. I read Diane Sanfilippo’s article, Wellness Mama’s article and Weston A. Price Foundation’s article. My take away from these article was that fermented cod liver oil was going to be better for my body than fish oil capsules. Better because the company that Dianne and Wellness Mama suggested, Green Pastures, doesn’t heat the fish liver so none of the nutrients are damaged. Better because it is a whole food and not something that is processed so my body knows what to do with it. Better because it can contains more EPA and DHA than fish oil capsules which contributes to brain and nervous system health.

 I’ve been taking FCLO for almost a year, off and on, and I do notice a difference. When I am faithfully taking about 1 teaspoon of FCLO daily I don’t wake up with crust on my eyes and my eyes don’t water. (I think it’s crazy that when you have dry eyes your eyes actually water more) I’m sure that this is the FCLO because I ran out for about a month and within days my eyes started crusting over. I didn’t connect the crust with the FCLO until I purchased another bottle and started taking it again. Within three to four days I was waking up without eye crust again. I was still hit or miss with taking it, I averaged five times a week. When I fully realized that it was the FCLO that was contributing to my eyes feeling better I became very faithful with taking it. As a matter of fact I’ve left for work, remembered I didn’t take it, and turned around to go home so I could quickly grab a spoonful. As I did the research for this blog I read that I can actually take more, up to a tablespoon,  so I’ll be upping my dose, slowly. I find with this supplement if I up the dose too fast I end up hanging out in the bathroom all day.

FCLO Green Pastures I don’t mind the smell of FCLO and the taste is very mild. I buy the Arctic Mint flavor. If you don’t want to taste it taking FCLO is an art. You put the spoonful in your mouth and then before you swallow you drink from a glass of water, so you swallow them both to once.I add a little apple cider vinegar to my water. Not because I have to but because I like to take a tablespoon of ACV every day too.

 Next week I’ll talk about vitamin D.



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